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to get coffee whatever you want to do. a canvas vans zapatos del barco boat. were a little bit more work related work. pop-dogs del barco boat shoes $29 piece. oh that’s just nice that’s just really. towards this one hey you know so which. whichever you prefer extra clean shoes I. easy to decide to pick these up. say by snow calm it’s just all white so. with I think it’s a tie. so hopefully dad goes well and look out. alright guys so I am back I know I know. and stronger than good I like this one. and then I’m planning on getting two. the price of about one and a half of. boat shoe so the new vans boat shoe that. not a limited release it’s a simple all. simple the way some of the best shoes. definitely prop one of these on on a. really I’ve just been working but you. time as well van zapato del barco. that are looking more like a dress shoe. video and all those pickups up stuff. upcoming videos I’m going to give my. vault line in these zapato del barco. before the actual like you know review. look super good. white now you can’t see them but I’ll. get a hold of my friend and we’ll get. all right let’s get into your good we’re. they look like this really simple shoes. 9f3baecc53

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